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Finally a complete marketing system that will virtually guarantee success. This is NOT just a free trial. If you are already a JDiLife member, it is a free forever! Everything you need... lead capture page, personalized auto-responder messages, network marketing leads and more. Take a look and test our live lead capture page and JOIN us Today!

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JDiLife Members - After you create your auto-responder account and receive your login details, please email us your JDiLife website address so we can complete the setup process. Normally it takes us less than a day to load your personalized auto-responder emails and edit a few settings. We will get back to you asap with your lead capture page link. At that point you will be good to go and you can begin driving traffic to your new marketing system. 

There are lots of lead sources out there. The one we recommend is Lead Power. Their leads are about as good as they get. They even have training if you decide to contact your leads which in our opinion, will increase your conversion rates. We have spoken personally with the owner and have used Lead Power leads for years. Get the Super Premium USA Traffic Only (Tier 1). That way you simply supply them with your lead capture page link and they drive the traffic to it. Soon you will have leads entering your automatic marketing system and they will begin receiving personalized emails from you on an almost daily basis. The fortune truly is in the follow-up.

Share this simple, duplicable, automatic marketing system with any and everyone YOU sign up and we'll see you at the top! If you are already a member of our JDiLife automatic marketing system, please login below.



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